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Posted on behalf of Prof. Ren Wei and Jeffrey Reimers.


*Post-Doctoral Fellowships in Quantum Refinement of Protein X-ray 
Crystallographic Structures and related work in Biophysics, 
Biochemistry, Biomaterials, Chemistry, and Soft Condensed Matter***

Shanghai University (http://www.shu.edu.cn) isseeking multiple 
outstanding postdoctoral researchers to be part of the newly created 
International Centre for Quantum and Molecular Structure (ICQMS). 
Parallel Adjoint Appointments at The University of Technology, Sydney 
Department of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, will also be available.

Most available positions relate to the core project of ICQMS: the 
development of codes for automatic quantum refinement of protein 
crystallographic structures.  For these positions, previous experience 
at the PhD or post-doctoral level in the simulation of protein structure 
is essential.  This could involve mastering of quantum-chemical 
software, molecular dynamics methods, statistical mechanics theories, or 
protein structure refinement. Positions are available for both software 
users and methods developers.

ICQMS also has a wider view, considering the determination of protein 
function and spectroscopy, especially for photosynthetic proteins, 
understanding the effects of solvation and environment on molecular 
properties, quantum dynamics and coherence in proteins, understanding 
order/disorder transitions, the fundamental role played by entropy in 
controlling protein structure, the properties of biomaterials such as 
cement, general self-assembly processes such as organic self-assembled 
monolayer formation and properties, and the properties of bulk materials.

A position is also available concerning the development and application 
for GPUs of Hartree-Fock theory or Density-Functional Theory or 
molecular dynamics.

All positions require a PhD in Chemical Physics, Quantum Chemistry, 
Computational Biochemistry, Crystallography, or related disciplines. 
Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English are 
essential.   Proven independence is also essential.  Candidates that 
have contributed to scientific-community activities and/or teaching 
innovation will be considered favourably, as will those that have 
contributed independently to multidisciplinary team projects.

Shanghai University is a well funded, internationally connected, rapidly 
raising University with a strong profile in Material Science, and indeed 
under the direction of University President Prof. H. J. Luo is a central 
player in the extensive Chinese Materials Genome Initiative (MGI) 
Project.  ICQMS extends this vision into mainstream chemical and 
biochemical research.

Adjunct Appointments at the University of Technology Sydney will allow 
each Postdoctoral Fellow to spend 6 months doing joint research in 
Sydney with UTS staff.  Shanghai University and The University of 
Technology Sydney have a 20-year history of close collaboration, 
including the joint Smart Cities Institute and the Sydney Institute of 
Language and Commerce.  This collaboration also includes the dual PhD 
degree program between the two universities.

The negotiable anticipated start date is 2015 between August and December.

The positions are available for two years and renewable subject to a 
performance review.

Shanghai University is an Equal Opportunity Employer and all persons are 
encouraged to apply. Applicants should send their curriculum vitae 
including lists of publications, summaries of their research interests, 
lists of prizes and awards, summaries of any teaching, community service 
or administrative experience, and have three reference letters sent 
directly to

yarulove2006 at shu.edu.cn <mailto:yarulove2006 at shu.edu.cn>.

Further information can be obtained from:

ICQMS Director:                 Jeffrey Reimers reimers at shu.edu.cn 
<mailto:Jeffrey.Reimers at shu.edu.cn> or

ICQMS Deputy Director:   Wei REN renwei at shu.edu.cn 
<mailto:renwei at shu.edu.cn>

Closing Date:  2015 December 31^st , or until all positions are filled.
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