[phenixbb] reference model restraints by segid

jp d yoyoq at yahoo.com
Thu May 28 13:29:31 PDT 2015

Hi,I am having trouble getting phenix to used segid's in reference model restraints when
my reference and target pdbs both don't use chain ID's.phenix quits with this message:
*** Adding Reference Model Restraints ***
Sorry: chain ' ' in /home/path/removed/agnref2.pdb contains one or more errant TER cards.
Please remove and try again.

my definition file looks like this:refinement {
   main {
     reference_model_restraints = True
   reference_model {
     file = two.pdb
refinement.reference_model.reference_group {
 reference = segid A16S
 selection = segid A16S
(above about 50 more times)
this was on versions 1.9-1692 , dev-2016 and dev-2056

any suggestions ?thanksjpd

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