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Ashok Nayak ashokgocrackin at gmail.com
Wed Nov 18 06:58:25 PST 2015

Hello Phenix BB,
Like every amateur crystallographer I could easily generate symmetry mates
in a given radius in coot, but I wondered always which is the
crystallographic two fold axis axis(my space group being C2) through which
the molecule is rotated and translated (if it is) to get the next molecule.
I tried superpose to find the answer, but could only get the Euler angles
and transformation matrix and not the axis. Are there any programs where I
can get to know this, would be grateful to be enlightened for the same

thanks BB in advance


Ashok Nayak
PhD student-
Molecular and Structural Biology Division
CSIR-CDRI, Janakipuram Extension
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