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check out the first option in the FAQ at

A core i7 and a Xeon of the same generation are equally fast if their
frequency is the same. The main differences are that
- Xeon E3 supports ECC memory (most core i* don't)
- Xeon E5 supports Dual-CPU (core i* is just one)
- Xeon E7 supports multi-CPU and is very expensive
- most Xeons don't have built-in graphics whereas most core i* do
There are many other small differences but most of them irrelevant;
inspect the Wikipedia pages!

Xeons won't be faster with phenix.refine; a core i7 already has enough
cores - to increase their usage you'll have to recompile as per the FAQ.



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> Dear all,
> Having read the FAQ regarding hardware I have a few ideas but would greatly appreciate any input from the community or developers.
> Would anyone like to suggest the best configuration of hardware for running phenix.refine? I mainly operate in OSX but have no issue with switching operating system if I can get a faster setup.  My current thoughts are either something running a 4GHz Quad core i7 or an alternative would be a 3.7GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon E5 (iMac v Mac Pro) or equivalent Linux builds.
> I know that the i7 is reasonably fast as I have this setup in a different machine and phenix.refine runs reasonably quickly but as ever I would like it to be faster. Budget is not unlimited by any means but I would be interested in learning what an optimal setup might look like.
> Many thanks,
> Colin
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