[phenixbb] Nvidia Quadro M4000 for Coot 3D?

Xiao Lei xiaoleiusc at gmail.com
Mon Feb 1 11:21:03 PST 2016

Hi All,

As I read the Coot 3D setting guide online, it says for Linux environment I
have to have at least a Nvidia Quadro card with 3 pin min DIN stereo
connector and DVI connector, and the cheapest is Nvidia Quadro K4200. I
plan to buy Dell workstations for Coot  3D, but they do not have the option
of Quadro K4200, instead, they suggests an updated version called Quadro
M4000. As I look at the product picture of Quadro M4000, I can see all
connectors are DPs (displayport), not DVI connector. What is more,  the
Quadro M4000 does not have any connector for 3 pin mini DIN.

Is the Quadro M4000 card still suitable  for Coot 3D in Linux?  Do I have
to manually add a  3 Pin Mini DIN Bracket Stereo Connector  to the Quadro
M4000 card (which can be found at B&H photos) and get a Displayport to DVI
connectors before it works?

In addition, I found it was very hard to find a new build-in IR emitter 3D
monitor from Asus or Acer, so I am looking for a Asus 3D monitor with
Nvidia 3D vision 2 kits, some pictures of the 3D vision 2 kit only shows
USB cable as connectors, I wonder if the kit also contains a 3-pin min din
cable for the 3D?

I'd appreciate if any input on this.
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