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Nishant Pandey nishant.pandey_85 at yahoo.co.in
Sat Feb 27 13:43:16 PST 2016

Hi,I have a confusion regarding solving iodine SAD-data in Phaser-EP.1. GUI result shows Log-likelihood gain: 115037.70 and FOM:  0.527. But in log file
    SAD Refinement Table (Sorted)
   SET    SpaceGroup    FOM           Log-Likelihood   Rfac  Composition  I   
   # 1      P 21 21 2          0.53            -115038                69.4          23  
Why there is negative value of Log-Likelihood in log file? Is Log-Likelihood and Log-likelihood gain is two different things?Has Phaser solved it? 
When I feed these results to Autobuild, the model was ~80 % complete with Rfree and Rwork of 0.3171 and 0.2754 and Model Map correlation 0.74. Model was further refined in phenix.refine upto Rfree = 0.27.
2. When I am solving same dataset with Autosol and Autobuild, the dimer orientation have changed? Is this 'normal' or one of the solution is wrong  and if it then which one should choose to refine further?
Thanks in advance.
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