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Dear all,

iNEXT is a Horizon2020 project aiming to allow international users transnational access to infrastructures for Structural Biology, with an emphasis on new users,
and a focus on translational research projects in biomedicine, biotechnology and biomaterials.


For the first time, iNEXT offers coordinated access to NMR, EM, X-ray crystallography and biophysical methods.

There are specific access routes for expert users and new users, and for the different techniques.

These are becoming gradually available as the project proceeds, and you should expect regular updates.

For now you can apply for access to some of the planned modalities, namely:
Structural Audit: mail-in your protein sample for quality analysis including stability, dispersity, crystallisation and SAXS 
Cryo-EM sample optimisation: to move from negative stain to cryo-EM
Macromolecular interactions: for accessing biophysical equipment and expertise to quantify macromolecular interactions 
Synchrotron data: for access to some of the best beamlines in Europe
High-field NMR: or access to some of the most powerful NMR machines in Europe
High-resolution EM: : for access to some of the best microscopes in Europe
For more details please see:


with best regards from the iNEXT team,


Anastassis (Tassos) Perrakis, Principal Investigator / Staff Member
Department of Biochemistry (B8)
Netherlands Cancer Institute, 
Dept. B8, 1066 CX Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Tel: +31 20 512 1951 Fax: +31 20 512 1954 Mobile / SMS: +31 6 28 597791

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