[phenixbb] .Trash_UID error message

Michael Weyand michael.weyand at uni-bayreuth.de
Wed Mar 23 09:45:17 PDT 2016

Dear experts,

our Phenix installation suffers on a nasty error message concerning
permission problems on /data/.Trash_UID (/data is our mount point of a
NFS share) when deleting a certain job from the history.
Of course, no user has write access to the top folder / mount point!
And I know that is might be an OS problem with NFS mounted disks  (well
known for Ubuntu systems). But we have an openSuSE with KDE, not GNOME.
I also checked the Phenix preferences for an option, but was not successful.

Is there any way to get rid of this message or better to say not
deleting to .Trash folder?

Thanks in advance,

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