[phenixbb] Understanding Biology through Structure, Santa Fe May 13-17

Terwilliger, Thomas Charles terwilliger at lanl.gov
Fri Apr 14 05:13:25 PDT 2017

Hi Colleagues!

I hope you can come to our symposium on Understanding Biology through Structure in Santa Fe this May 13-17!

The Symposium will emphasize interactions between junior and senior researchers. We hope that this will present a special opportunity for junior researchers to present posters and meet senior scientists, for senior researchers to meet the next generation of structural biologists, and for all to discuss science in an informal setting.

You can see the full program at https://conferences.newmexicoconsortium.org/conferences/ubts_17/program

Understanding Biology through Structure

Santa Fe, NM May 13-17 2017


Nucleic acid and protein-nucleic acid complexes

Jamie Cate, University of California, Berkeley
Eva Nogales, University of California, Berkeley
Jody Puglisi, Stanford University
Leemor Joshua-Tor, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Tom Steitz, Yale University
Shigeyuki Yokoyama, RIKEN

Structural Biology of Cell Signaling

Axel Brunger, Stanford University
Sharon Campbell, University of North Carolina
Yvonne Jones, Oxford University
Dorothee Kern, Brandeis University
Cynthia Wolberger, Johns Hopkins University
Hao Wu, Harvard University

Disease and Drug Discovery

Lesa Beamer, University of Missouri
Tom Blundell, University of Cambridge
Elizabeth Goldsmith, UT Southwestern Medical Center
Lynn Howell, University of Toronto
Michael Rossmann, Purdue University
Erica Ollmann Saphire, Scripps Institute
Natalie Strynadka, University of British Columbia
Ian Wilson, Scripps Institute

Crystallographic Methods

Wladek Minor, University of Virginia
Randy Read, University of Cambridge
Jane Richardson, Duke University
Tom Terwilliger, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Isabel Uson, Institute of Molecular Biology, Barcelona
Nadia Zatsepin, University of Arizona

Membrane Protein Structures

Susan Buchanon, National Institutes of Health
Wayne Hendrickson, Columbia University
Robert Stroud, University of California, San Francisco
Nieng Yan, Tsinghua University

Protein folding and Design

David Baker, University of Washington
Ken Dill, Stony Brook University
David Eisenberg, University of California, Los Angeles
Susan Marqusee, University of California, Berkeley
Tobin Sosnick, University of Chicago

Understanding Enzyme Function

Catherine Drennan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Andrzej Joachimiak, Argonne National Laboratory
Ci Ji Lim, University of Colorado, Boulder
Ilme Schlichting, Max Planck Institute for Medical Research

All the best,
Tom T

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