[phenixbb] solvent masks

Kajander, Tommi A tommi.kajander at helsinki.fi
Fri Feb 10 01:37:01 PST 2017

Hi All,

Was there a convenient  way to make a solvent mask for a region with a model  - its been a while - and use that to generate maps
(i have a domain that is only partially visible, could not be found be molecular replacement), its there though.

Could be that its not well ordered, but I was wondering if the bulk solvent masking is just wiping it out. (basicly something like half a domain, e.g. half of
individual beta-strands, are missing.) resolution is bit limited (at best 3 Å) so automated building and refinement doesnt work terribly well.

I could just place a model there and make a mask somewhere and include in map calculation?

Thanks for suggestions,

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