[phenixbb] "RosettaScripts executable could not be located" error

Yonglin Hu yonglinhu at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 17:00:45 PST 2017

Hello List,

I have installed the rosetta (version 2016.32.58837) and phenix 
(dev-2689). I have no problem running phenix.mr_rosetta, but when I run 
phenix.rosetta_refine or rosetta.run_tests, I always get the following 
error message:

     The RosettaScripts executable could not be located.  Please set the
     environmental variable PHENIX_ROSETTA_PATH or add the appropriate
     directory to your PATH environment variable.

But I do have relevant environmental variables set up:


I would appreciate it if you could tell me what really went wrong.

Have a nice day,

Yonglin Hu

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