[phenixbb] phenix.erraser and PHENIX_ROSETTA_PATH

Mooers, Blaine H.M. (HSC) Blaine-Mooers at ouhsc.edu
Tue Mar 14 09:17:26 PDT 2017

Dear phenixbb,

This is a question about phenix.erraser.
I had it running in March 2016, but it no longer works.
I am using phenix-dev2686.
I am also using the rosetta_src_2016.59086_bundle that was released in November 2016.
Rosetta works fine for other tasks.
I set in my bashrc file the following: export PHENIX_ROSETTA_PATH=/Users/blaine-mooers/software/rosetta_src_2016.46.59086_bundle
If I use the gui or the command line, I get an error message that suggests using a relative path to the rosetta directory.
This does not work either.
I also tried extending the path incrementally down to the directory containing the erraser binaries.

There must be some other issue.
I suspect that between March and November 2016 that there has been reorganization of the directory hierarchy in rosetta.
There is no longer a "tools" subfolder in the top directory.
The file erraser_option.py is now located  in ./rosetta_src_2016.46.59086_bundle/main/source/src/apps/public/ERRASER.

Best regards,


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