[phenixbb] Install Problem Linux CentOs 5

Whitley, Matthew J mjw100 at pitt.edu
Wed Jan 3 11:00:45 PST 2018

Hello all,

We are trying to install the new 1.13-2998 release of Phenix on 64 bit Linux CentOs 5 and have run into some problems.  We are logged in as root, and we were able to unzip and untar the archive with no problem.  However, when we run the install script, we immediately get the following errors:

root at linux7 phenix-installer-1.13-2998-intel-linux-2.6-x86_64-centos5]# ./install

Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "./bin/install.py", line 20, in ?

    from libtbx.auto_build import install_distribution

  File "/usr/local/phenix-installer-1.13-2998-intel-linux-2.6-x86_64-centos5/lib/libtbx/auto_build/install_distribution.py", line 75, in ?

    from libtbx.auto_build import install_base_packages

  File "/usr/local/phenix-installer-1.13-2998-intel-linux-2.6-x86_64-centos5/lib/libtbx/auto_build/install_base_packages.py", line 864

    os.chmod(filename, 0o755)  # set permissions to -rwxr-xr-x


SyntaxError: invalid syntax

[root at linux7 phenix-installer-1.13-2998-intel-linux-2.6-x86_64-centos5]#

Any idea as to what the source of the problem is and how to get around it?

Thanks for your help.

Matthew Whitley

Matthew J. Whitley, Ph.D.
Research Instructor
Department of Pharmacology & Chemical Biology
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
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