[phenixbb] map to model fsc did not start from 1

Yangqi Gu yangqi.gu at yale.edu
Wed Dec 11 13:03:29 PST 2019

Dear Phenix developer,
I have a question regarding the map to model fsc. I have a filament map and
a model with arbitrary copy of the protomer ( I built them in Chimera),
then I used the filament model to refine against my map. But I
encountered an issue is that the reported FSC (map to model) did not start
from 1 but rather 0.8. I am wondering if there is anyway to fix it. Also,
in the case of a filament, how do I use NCS operator to refine rather than
manual building the filament model? I tried specifying NCS with helical
symmetry, but it did not work.
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