[phenixbb] Units in intensity?

Tim Gruene tim.gruene at psi.ch
Wed Mar 6 13:17:31 PST 2019

Dear Murpholino,

the unit of intensity is '1' - it is the counts on the detector. The scale is 
arbitrary, you can multiply your intensity with any positive number you want, 
as long as you don't create an overflow or underflow in the computer program.
 As long as you do the same with the sigma-values, your refinement should not 

Best regards,

On Wednesday, March 6, 2019 10:00:55 PM CET Murpholino Peligro wrote:
> If I do `phenix.xtriage XDS_ASCII.HKL` I get a log file. In the "Statistics
> for data merging" of this log file I have:
>     Resolution: 26.02 - 1.40
>     Observations: 44675
>     Unique reflections: 16306
>     Redundancy: 2.7
>     Completeness: 70.37%
>     Mean intensity: 1656.8
>     Mean I/sigma(I): 19.8
>     SigI < 0 (rejected): 644 observations
>     R-merge: 0.027
>     R-meas:  0.032
>     R-pim:   0.017
> My question is... what units does Mean intensity has?
> Thanks
> Ps I am not sure if this has to do with the detector used which was a CCD
> (type) ADSC QUANTUM 210 (model).

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