[phenixbb] Masked FSC estimation failure

ze li lize.fudan at gmail.com
Sat Oct 12 12:46:51 PDT 2019

I have three cryo-ET full maps, not in halves, to estimate their
resolutions.  I intended to estimate the resolution of the maps with the
high-resolution models in the PDB databank. Is it the best to get a map to
model FSC estimation at 0.5 cut-off? I calculated three maps with cryo-EM
module in Phenix, but only one gives the masked and unmasked curves, the
other two only have the unmasked results.I tried many times but failed to
figure out the questions of these two maps. What is the possible reason for
them? Or Is there any other ways to get the unmasked and masked FSC? Thank
you for your help.


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