[phenixbb] MicroED Imaging Center

Johan Hattne hattne at ucla.edu
Mon Aug 24 08:53:30 PDT 2020

Dear Structural biology community;

We are delighted to announce that the National Institutes of Health is 
helping us establish a Biotechnology Development Research Center focused 
on MicroED at UCLA School of Medicine, named MicroED Imaging Center (MEDIC).

The main thrust of MEDIC is for method development and research focused 
on MicroED.

As part of community engagement, the center will host the annual MicroED 
course as well as an annual MicroED Summit, both of which will be staged 
at the UCLA School of Medicine, and open to the community on a first 
come first serve basis until spaces are filled.  Approximately 90% of 
available spots will be allocated to academic attendees and 10% to 
industry attendees.  This will be a continuation of almost 10 years of 
tradition of providing workshops and training to the community.

Also, there is some opportunity for the community to collect data on 
MEDIC microscopes.  There is also limited availability for one-on-one 
user training at the center at UCLA for microscope set up and data 
collection.  Users and trainees will be invited based on replies to a 
call for proposals, which will be advertised shortly.  The proposals 
will be reviewed by an advisory committee.  Because of the COVID19 
pandemic and the limitations on travel and hosting imposed by UCLA we 
cannot begin these activities at this stage.

On a related note, UCLA School of Medicine is also running a MicroED 
Imaging Core which is open as a pay per use service for academia and 
industry.  This activity is independent of the Gonen Lab and from the 
NIH funded research program on MicroED. Details can be found online.

Kind regards

Tamir Gonen and Pawel Penczek

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