[phenixbb] mr_rosetta question

Wei Wang ww2283 at columbia.edu
Fri Jul 17 18:06:32 PDT 2020

Dear all,

I would like to get help on a mr_rosetta run. I have a case that 5 copies of searching model was found by Phaser, and I would like to find the sixth one. In addition I would like to improve the building of the MR solution. 

In such case I’m considering a mr_rosetta run, with some parameters like this: phenix.mr_rosetta seq_file=seq.dat search_models=placed_5_copies.pdb already_placed=true ncs_copies=1 …

My question is, should I use the already placed 5 copies model as search_models, with ncs_copies=1, or should I use the original searching model with ncs_copies=6 (in this case I guess I should get rid of the other four copies from the result of Phaser)? For seq.dat, should I use the sequence from one copy of searching model, or paste 5 copies into the seq.dat?


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