[phenixbb] Phaser-MR output after each component placement

Johannes Cramer johannes.cramer at gmail.com
Mon Jul 27 05:58:04 PDT 2020

Dear phenix board,

does anyone of you know if there is an option in phaser-MR to output a pdb
after each placed component?
For example: I suspect there to be 5 molecules in the AU. I start a
replacement with 5 molecules and phaser places 1 (I would like to inspect
that), 2 (again, I would like to look at the e.g. top 10 results), 3 and so
Is that possible? I couldn't find the option in the gui or in the phenix
documentation, but maybe in the CLI?
I know I can run one after the other, but that would potentially waste CPU
time until I find time to inspect them.

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