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If you have strong interest in one of the following areas, please continue
to read and check the link for more details.

1. Developing new algorithms to revolutionize biologics discovery
2. Challenging yourself with large and unique datasets and converting your
learnings to tools/products that can help patients
3. Engineering of antibody, nanobody, and other biotherapeutics modalities
4. Learning how scientists from various training backgrounds collaborate
together to discover and deliver faster and better biologics treatments.

The Protein Engineering group within Sanofi Large Molecule Research
Department is seeking a highly talented Computational Scientist for a
postdoctoral position. We use leading-edge structural biology and
computational tools to support biologics project needs from Sanofi’s
multi-targeting, multi-modality research pipeline. Our team has a great
track record of patents and publications, including Science, Nature Cancer,
and Nature Communications, in the area of biologics characterization,
antibody engineering and multi-specific antibodies. This postdoc project
will focus on developing a machine learning approach to predict
epitope-paratope, given any antibody-antigen pair, by combining in-depth
understanding of structure biology, antibody engineering, and large
datasets both internally and externally. The successful candidate will be
with Ph. D. degree in related area and has an advanced understanding and
practical experience with developing and applying complex machine learning
solutions for structural biology data. The successful candidate will gain
deeper insight into drug development process and transform AI/ML algorithms
into accelerating biologics discovery and development process.

Application Link:

*About Sanofi:*

Every day, Sanofi's 100,000 employees are committed to improve the lives of
people around the world, with sustainable and responsible solutions and
initiatives. Sanofi is recognized as one of the leading biopharmaceutical
companies in the world and is pioneering innovation in biologics with the
first approved nanobody drug, the first clinical stage tri-specific
antibody, and a novel genetic codon expansion platform for new engineering
capabilities. Details of the organization and the company’s mission and
goals can be found on our website (http://www.sanofi.us/l/us/en/index.jsp).


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