[phenixbb] Postdoctoral positions at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Thomas Schwartz tus at mit.edu
Sun Feb 7 11:12:22 PST 2021

The Schwartz lab <http://schwartzlab.mit.edu/> at Massachusetts Institute of Technology currently has two open positions for postdocs to work on federally funded projects elucidating structure and function of nucleo-cytoplasmic communication.

One project involves the structure of the nuclear pore complex (NPC), in particular with the goal to reduce the resolution gap between crystal structures of NPC components and cryo-ET assembly structures. We work at the interface of bio-engineering and structural biology to solve this problem with innovative methods.

The second project centers on the mechanical connections between nucleo- and cytoskeleton via LINC complexes. Here, we want to understand the details for LINC complex engagement, with the lamin layer and with actin filaments, in particular.

For both projects, the lab has a vast array of reagents, tools, and expertise to build on.

MIT has a brand-new, state-of-the-art, fully-staffed cryo-EM facility <https://nanousers.mit.edu/characterizenano-0/automated-cryogenic-electron-microscopy> equipped with a Talos Arctica / Falcon 3 and a Titan Krios equipped with a Bioquantum/K3 detector and phase plate. We also have cryo-FIB milling capacity.

https://nanousers.mit.edu/characterizenano-0/automated-cryogenic-electron-microscopy <https://nanousers.mit.edu/characterizenano-0/automated-cryogenic-electron-microscopy>
We seek highly motivated individuals with a passion for structural cell biology. A Ph.D. degree in the life sciences with emphasis on biochemistry/structural biology is desired. Candidates should send their application to Thomas Schwartz at tus at mit.edu <mailto:tus at mit.edu?subject=postdoc%20position>.


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