[phenixbb] rotamers in real space refine

Pavel Afonine pafonine at lbl.gov
Wed Mar 17 11:51:45 PDT 2021

Thanks Leonid for sharing the files earlier. It's recorded and waiting 
in line for its turn. I will get back to you once I looked at it and 
have a solution.

Kind regards,


On 3/16/21 12:00, Leonid Sazanov wrote:
> Hi,
> We still have a problem of some Trp and Tyr residues going out of very 
> clear density in high-resolution (~2.5 A) EM maps upon real space 
> refine in phenix, even the latest version.
> Is there may be a more extensive rotamer library (including those 
> pseudo-"outliers") available somewhere to be used in Phenix?
> Many thanks,
> Leonid

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