[cctbxbb] CCTBX.XFEL problems with synchrotron stills

Schulz, Eike-Christian eike.schulz at mpsd.mpg.de
Tue Apr 5 01:55:52 PDT 2016

Dear all, 

I am new to serial crystallography and trying to process still images from a synchrotron source (Pilatus 6M detector) using CCTBX. Obviously the process is not glitch-free and I was hoping to get some help here. 

The indexing routine starts, indexes the images correctly and and produces a log file but no .pickle files are created in the results/000/ directory as described in the wiki entry.

I assume that there is a software module that is not properly loaded during the process since I get following error message during indexing:

---------BEGIN Integrate one frame 75 warsaw0048_00075.pickle
EFFECTIVE TILING 0 0 2282 2282
Indexing error: No module named cxi_user

Is there a way to find out if all dependencies are matched ? I suppose CCTBX.XFEL depends on some (specific) python libraries … ? 

Or am I completely wrong and the error is something different ?

With best regards


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