[phenixbb] unknown space group problems

Angela Hoffort agb838 at mail.usask.ca
Wed Mar 1 13:14:57 PST 2006

I am trying to sovle MAD data using the PHENIX software. I am using the AutoSol
wizard. My data is integrated in R3. Phenix keeps spitting out the error that
this space group is either unknown or the cell dimensions are inappropriate to
the space group (the are a=b=c=159 and alpha=beta=gamma=109). Is there a glitch
with thi space group or am I doing something wrong. Phaser tends to have the
same problem with this space group and I can not seem to get around it.

If I provide data in a different space group I can get past this problem only to
be confronted with another problem regarding the column labels in my mtz files.
I have six data sets collected. Two for each of three different wavelengths.
Each of the two for a single wavelength is scaled seperately and then merged
together using ccp4. I have taken a lot of effort to make sure that the column
labels do not repeat in these files, yet I continually get column label errors
when I run three mtz files in the AutoSol wizard (one mtz file for each
wavelength). I am getting the same errors in ccp4 as well. There must be
something basic that I am doing wrong with regards to processing my data and
merging the mtzs together.

Thanks you for your help.

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