[phenixbb] Phenix installation issue

smoniot at chemie.fu-berlin.de smoniot at chemie.fu-berlin.de
Thu Dec 3 19:59:27 PST 2009


I'm trying to install phenix on my computer (Linux distribution Kubuntu 64
bits (virtual machine but it should not be an issue)) but the installation
failed after some minutes ...
the last lines on the installation log file are :

/bin/tar: ./build/intel-linux-2.6-x86_64/base/bin/wx-config : un lien
symbolique ne peut pas être créé vers
Opération non permise

It's in french but basiccaly it can't create a symbolic link to
/net/anaconda.... not allowed.

I don't get it since I did try both the sudo ./install command and the su
- root.

If anyone experienced this and get to fix it I would be glad to know :)

Thanks in advance


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