[phenixbb] structural validation and deposit format

rui ruisher at gmail.com
Thu Dec 10 12:46:16 PST 2009

Hi, All,

Sorry for this stupid question. When I tried to use phenix to validate the
structure, it generate geometry outliers, model validation, real-space
correlations and a phenix_map_coeffs.mtz file which I assume could be open
in coot. How should I use this generated mtz file? When I open in coot, it
tellls me core dump. I'm wondering if phenix will automatically do the
corrections or should I look one by one in the log file and modify? It also
generate a test_reduced.pdb, should I use this reduced pdb ( H added) for
next round of refinement? Thanks.

Is the format from phenix.refine ready for deposit?
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