[phenixbb] Questions about phenix.refine with twin_law

Keitaro Yamashita yamashita at castor.sci.hokudai.ac.jp
Fri Dec 24 21:21:43 PST 2010

Dear Phenix developers,

I'm working with pseudo-merohedrally twinned data (fraction 45%),
using Phenix-dev-616.

I have three questions about phenix.refine with twin_law.
(running on the command line)

During refinement with twin_law, the log file says x-ray target
function is set to "twin_lsq_f".
Does it mean, we cannot use maximum likelihood target for twinned data?
If so, is it recommended to refine without twin_law at first several cycles?

When I tried to refine using the model refined without twin_law,
the target function was still ml, not twin_lsq_f although I specified twin_law.
Is this a bug?

When I used twin_law option, in the table "R-free likelihood based estimates",
"Scale factor" were None in all resolution bins.
Cannot scale factor be calculated during twin refinement?

Thanks in advance and Wishing you the best holidays,


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