[phenixbb] error in making links

Phoebe Rice price at uchicago.edu
Mon Nov 1 12:11:09 PDT 2010

Hi BB,
  I wanted to run phenix on a structure from the database with covalent serine-DNA links, 1zr4.
  The "ready-set" feature to prepare restraints from the pdb link records sounded lovely, but fails with the message "Error interpreting command line argument parament definition: "1ZR4.link.edits" RuntimeError: Unexpected end of input"
 This happens with either version 1.6.4-486 or a nightly build installed a few weeks ago (phenix 551; installed on 10/7/2010.)
 Am I asking to much to get nice Ser-DNA links without sweating blood to read the fine print?
   thanks, Phoebe

Phoebe A. Rice
Dept. of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
The University of Chicago
phone 773 834 1723

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