[phenixbb] Subject: no kidding - we need small crystals!

Wulf Blankenfeldt wulf.blankenfeldt at uni-bayreuth.de
Thu Jul 5 08:50:50 PDT 2012

Hi Jens,

aren't microcrystals of the size you describe exactly what the free 
electron laser people need for their experiments? Not knowing of any 
specific reference I would search for what these guys do to make tiny 



Am 05.07.2012 01:55, schrieb jens j birktoft:
> Hi everybody,
> Any suggestions regarding how to generate small!! crystals?  Yes, in 
> this case that is what we want While we can generate crystals of size 
> 100-500 microns, this time we something in the range of .5-5 microns. 
>  Any ideas and suggestions would be greatly appreciated,
> Cheers
> Jens
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