[phenixbb] Help with using FFT map coefficients tool

Emilia C. Arturo (Emily) eca38 at drexel.edu
Sat May 30 15:05:13 PDT 2015


I'd like to generate a map appropriate for viewing in PyMOL, using a model
and structure factors downloaded from the PDB. But I'm unable to do so, and
perhaps you can help me figure out what I might be doing wrong:

To generate the map, I did the following using the phenix GUI (version
1. I used Reflection tools > Import CIF structure factors to convert the
.cif format structure factors for PDB id 1J8U to an mtz file.
2. Then, to configure the job to generate the CCP4 map, I loaded this mtz
file, but when I did that I got the following error:
"This reflections file does not appear to contain any suitable map

I went through the same steps again for two other PDB ids, this time
generating the mtz file by either letting phenix do it from a PDB id, or by
supplying the tool with both a .cif file with structure factors and a pdb
model file. I get the same error.

Has anyone any advice?

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