[phenixbb] running phenix.validation from command line

Roberto Marabini roberto at cnb.csic.es
Wed Mar 6 06:26:04 PST 2019


   I see that it is possible to  execute phenix.validation from command
line by typing:

  phenix.validation_cryoem <path to>/5ni1.cif <path to>/molprobity.mrc

The program runs smoothly and prints on  screen a few hundreds of lines.
The more or less equivalent program in version 1.13 was phenix.molprobity,
when executed with the option pickle=True, phenix.molprobity saved to the
hard-disk a pkl file containing all data.

Is there an equivalent flag for phenix.validation_cryoem? where is the
result of executing this shell being saved?


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