[phenixbb] Units in intensity?

Murpholino Peligro murpholinox at gmail.com
Wed Mar 6 13:01:32 PST 2019

If I do `phenix.xtriage XDS_ASCII.HKL` I get a log file. In the "Statistics
for data merging" of this log file I have:
    Resolution: 26.02 - 1.40
    Observations: 44675
    Unique reflections: 16306
    Redundancy: 2.7
    Completeness: 70.37%
    Mean intensity: 1656.8
    Mean I/sigma(I): 19.8
    SigI < 0 (rejected): 644 observations
    R-merge: 0.027
    R-meas:  0.032
    R-pim:   0.017

My question is... what units does Mean intensity has?

Ps I am not sure if this has to do with the detector used which was a CCD
(type) ADSC QUANTUM 210 (model).
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