Python-based Hierarchical ENvironment for Integrated Xtallography

Obsolete PHENIX releases

This is not the downloads page for current releases.

These installers are provided for historical purposes and for backwards compatibility with third-party software. They are unsupported and not recommended for production use! We do not have the resources to assist with problems encountered using these builds; most bugs will have been fixed in more recent releases.

VersionDateStatus LogsInfo
1.9-16922014-05-07successful cctbx, cci_apps, phaser, phenix, misc official 1.9 release; docs; changelog
User notes for 1.9-1692: New features include: revised and expanded documentation, improved AutoSol performance on weak SAD data, Rosetta refinement, similarity restraints for grouped B-factor refinement, automatic ligand linking, more automated substructure search, new composite omit map tool, "feature-enhanced" map calculation, stand-alone real-space refinement program, command-line MolProbity tool, Ubuntu builds, bug fixes for latest Mac OS, streamlined download of new installers for existing users, and many other new utilities and fixes.
1.8.3-14792013-09-07successful cctbx, cci_apps, phaser, phenix, misc 1.8.3 official release; docs; changelog
User notes for 1.8.3-1479: New features include: 64-bit Windows 7 installer; improved bulk solvent calculation which eliminates negative peaks in hydrophobic voids; improved local and global real-space refinement; pause/resume of jobs in GUI on Mac and Linux; new commands: phenix.parallel_autobuild, phenix.dynamics; speed improvements in Phaser; and much more.
1.8.2-13092013-02-27successful cctbx, cci_apps, phaser, phenix, misc 1.8.2 release; docs; changelog
User notes for 1.8.2-1309: New features include phenix.ensemble_refinement (Burnley et al. [2012] elife 1:e00311); improved and consistent hydrogen parameters for both X-ray and neutron refinement and validation; phenix.ligand_pipeline for automated MR, ligand placement, and refinement; mmCIF support added for many applications; visual editing of PDB files with phenix.pdb_editor; (optional) automatic linking for covalent ligands; many improvements to building programs; phenix.maximum_entropy_map; and many more.
1.8.1-11682012-09-27successful cctbx, cci_apps, phaser, phenix, misc 1.8.1 official release; docs; changelog
User notes for 1.8.1-1168: Primarily a bug fix release. New commands are phenix.erraser for hybrid Rosetta/Phenix RNA refinement; phenix.merging_statistics for calculating R-meas, R-pim, CC1/2, and other useful statistics. Other changes include: improved NCS rotamer correction; split planes in phenix.elbow; apply overall B_cart to individual B-factors (restores pre-1.8 behavior); real-space refinement for twinned structures; keep input occupancies for modified amino acids in Phaser; simplified running of phenix.real_space_correlation; and geometry restraints for more than 400 non-standard amino acids.
1.8-10692012-06-02successful cctbx, cci_apps, phaser, phenix, misc 1.8 official release; docs; changelog
User notes for 1.8-1069: New features include: much faster bulk solvent and scaling in phenix.refine, validation, and map calculation; TNCS supported by default in SAD phasing in Phaser and AutoSol; NCS restraints now use automatic torsion-angle parameterization by default; phenix.den_refine for DEN refinement; better automatic setup of reference model restraints; new GUIs including phenix.table_one for generating paper content; prototype Windows installer (32-bit only); numerous bug fixes; and much more.
1.7.3-9282011-12-05successful cctbx, cci_apps, phaser, phenix, misc 1.7.3 official release; docs; changelog
User notes for 1.7.3-928: New features include: handling of TNCS in Phaser-MR; MR-Rosetta GUI; TLS group extraction from PDB header; reduced memory use in phenix.refine; automatic anisotropy correction and map sharpening in AutoSol/AutoBuild; validation of model sequence; plus many bug fixes
1.7.2-8692011-09-22successful cctbx, cci_apps, phaser, phenix, misc 1.7.2 official release; docs; changelog
User notes for 1.7.2-869: Highlights: parallelization of weights optimization in phenix.refine (nproc parameter); torsion-space NCS (ncs.type=torsion); improved geometry at low resolution; phenix.cut_out_density for carving regions of map coefficients; phenix.morph_model for model improvement after MR; added HySS GUI; speedup of Phaser/AutoMR rotation function; visualization of reflection data in 3D or 2D (phenix.data_viewer)
1.7.1-7432011-04-27successful cctbx, cci_apps, phaser, phenix, misc 1.7.1 official release; docs; changelog
User notes for 1.7.1-743: New commands: phenix.french_wilson (correction of weak and negative intensities), phenix.reciprocal_space_arrays (model-based phases), phaser.brunett (automated MR pipeline); new GUIs: phenix.phase_and_build, phenix.mtz2map, phenix.french_wilson; phenix.refine: output mtz file with all data and map coefficients (replaces *_map_coeffs.mtz), "top-out" potential for reference model restraints, optional automatic rigid-body and TLS selections; homologous sequences supported in structure comparison GUI; 64-bit Mac installer; graphical installers for Intel Macs; and much more- see changelog for details.
1.7-6502011-01-25successful cctbx, cci_apps, phaser, phenix, misc Official 1.7 release; docs; changelog
User notes for 1.7-650: Highlights include: automatic TLS definitions (phenix.find_tls_groups); Rosetta-assisted molecular replacement for difficult structures (phenix.mr_rosetta); improved real-space refinement (on by default) in phenix.refine; Ramachandran restraints; built-in help browser in GUI on Macs; expanded base-pair support; optional faster translation searches in MR; and much more.
1.6.1-3572010-03-29successful cctbx, cci_apps, phaser, phenix, misc Official 1.6.1 release; docs; changelog
1.6-2892010-01-20successful cctbx, cci_apps, phaser, phenix, misc Official 1.6 release; docs; changelog
User notes for 1.6-289: New GUIs for AutoMR and Phaser; support for refinement on special positions; C++ version of Resolve

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