Phenix project metrics as of September 2021.

Phenix publications 220
Publications citing Phenix1 18447
wwPDB depositions using Phenix 60048
Registered Users 35k
Registered Locations (countries) 33
Number of PDB depositions (2015-2021) that used the Phenix software. In yellow: X-ray crystal structure depositions (total number each year as bars, percentage of the total deposits that year in the dashed line). In orange: the same information for cryo-EM depositions. [2021 incomplete year].
The total number of citations of the three main Phenix papers 2015-2021. [2021 incomplete year]
Worldwide registrations (only countries with at least 300 shown) for download of the Phenix software.
Locale of registrations for all downloads of the Phenix software in the US.

1The three main Phenix publications: