Videos and slides from Phenix user workshops

Video recordings and/or slides from Phenix user workshops.

General information

Future user workshops

Phenix user workshop on 10/14/2023 at the Pittsburgh Diffraction conference in Pittsburgh, US.

Past user workshops

  • Introduction to Phenix (Dorothee Liebschner) (pdf)
  • Using AlphaFold predictions for structure determination (Tom Terwilliger) (pptx)
  • Molecular Replacement (Airlie McCoy) (pdf)
  • Docking (Randy Read) (pdf)
  • Density modification in Crystallography and cryo-EM (Tom Terwilliger) (pptx)
  • Refinement (Oleg Sobolev) (pdf)
  • Validation (Christopher Williams) (pdf)

  • Introduction to Phenix (Dorothee Liebschner) (pdf)
  • Strategy for X-ray or Cryo-EM structure determination using AlphaFold models (Tom Terwilliger) (pdf)
  • Evaluating X-ray data with Xtriage (Dorothee Liebschner) (pdf)
  • Xray refinement (Pavel Afonine) (pdf)
  • Ligands (Dorothee Liebschner) (pdf)
  • Cryo-EM Data evaluation with Mtriage (Pavel Afonine) (pdf)
  • Cryo-EM refinement (Pavel Afonine) (pdf)

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July 2019
  • Phenix introduction (Paul Adams) (slides)
  • Automated model building (Paul Adams) (slides)
  • Validation (Jane Richardson) (slides)